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FRMD ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO + is a research-based and multi-disciplinary design studio in Cebu City made up of a diverse group of architects, artists, environmental planners, engineers and collaborators who are passionate in all things design – from architecture to branding to videography and everything in between.

The studio’s foundation is built on precision and experience with a deeply-rooted ecological mindset and a philosophy that great design stems from the careful consideration of sustainable design techniques.

We believe that architecture is a harmonious blend of biophilic design and functionality. With a high regard for nature and its bountiful riches combined with the ingenious use of materials, everything we design reflects our deep respect both for the users and the natural environment. Through extensive knowledge of design research and sustainability, we are able to deliver products of value to our clients while becoming more responsible global citizens.

We also acknowledge that traditional, cultural and historical values are as essential as technological advancements when it comes to effective design. By integrating these design strategies, FRMDAS + envisions to create innovative solutions and inspirational movements in the years to come.

At FRMDAS +, we work tirelessly in the pursuit of happiness, the quest for satisfaction from our clients and partners, and a strong sense of responsibility for the environment and the community around us.


Jessryn Marie Lim
Founder/Design Director/Environmentalist

Jessryn Marie Lim is a licensed architect, environmental planner and certified BERDE professional with more than a decade of experience both local and international. Hailing from a family of engineers, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines. She is also an alumni of Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class in Australia.

After her stint in Singapore, Jessryn established FRMD Architectural Studio in 2014. The studio’s philosophy of melding function and biophilic design stems from her own personal design principles. As a nature-lover with a passion for adventure and the outdoors, she believes that architects should be at the forefront in environmental safeguarding and preservation to create a better quality of life.

Jessryn values trust, integrity and transparency in relationships with clients and proves that talent combined with a thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn and grow makes the perfect tandem.

She is also an avid videographer, erstwhile climate reality leader and an active marine conservationist which she co-founded a non-profit organization, R.E.E.F.S. in 2019.

Marie Emmanuelle Lim
Architect/Master Plumber/Graphic Designer

Marie Emmanuelle Pajares Lim completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture with Cum Laude honors at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. She recently acquired her architectural license last June 2017.

The second of four children from a family of art enthusiasts, Marie was trained by her architect father since her admission into USC’s School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design. An active member of the studio since its inauguration, she has worked alongside Ar. Jessryn Marie Lim in most projects.

Marie believes that architectural design embodies the users’ behavior and existing social dimensions. Her design approach leans toward understanding and building intimate connections with occupants.

Her personality, values and architectural principles are consistent with the studio’s design philosophy. She embodies ‘empathy and simplicity’ in her profession and is driven by her passion in architecture and a hunger for knowledge in the field.

Angel Ernestine Inajada
Architectural Designer/Research Coordinator

Angel graduated from the University of San Carlos last 2018 with a degree of Bachelor in Science in Architecture. Her interest in Biophilic Design and Psychology led her to an undergraduate thesis of a Biophilic Mental Wellness Facility. She is a firm believer of the great role architecture plays in enhancing a person’s total well-being and its impact to the planet as well.

She loves connecting with with different kinds of people from all walks of life and picking up certain lessons from each one she encounters. She values her relationship with her family and friends as she considers them to be her source of happiness and inspiration daily. She likes to believe that life isn’t about the pursuit of happiness, but rather, finding happiness in all of your pursuits. For her, keeping the right mindset is key.

Learning does not stop within the four walls of the classroom that is why she keeps an open mind and a thirst for knowledge in every situation she is put in. Truly, her values and philosophies align with FRMD Architectural Studio in which she considers as a great training ground for the future that’s ahead of her.


Jesslee Marie Lim
Civil Engineer

Jesslee Marie Lim is a licensed Civil Engineer who completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. While in university, she was one of the past presidents of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Student Chapter.

Jesslee has a great interest for logic and deduction and is fond of crime and suspense films and series. Her devotion to understanding and guiding people relates to her inner psychologist personality. One of her dreams is to create a non-profit organization catering to academically-inclined children from less-fortunate families.

Her passion to facilitate and train people led to her appointment as the studio’s project manager which complements her vision of serving as light and guidance for the betterment of people.

Bess Mendiola
Architectural Designer

Bess Mendiola is an Australia-based architectural designer who has spent 4 years working in the field in Australia, the Philippines plus several collaborative projects overseas. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from RMIT University in Melbourne and acquired her Advanced Diploma Building Design (Architectural) & Interior Design and Cert IV in Building Construction from Melbourne Polytechnic.

Bess combines knowledge with practical experience to deliver innovative design solutions for all projects. As a member of the BDAV (Building Designers Association of Victoria), she has won several awards representing the RMIT Design Department including 2nd Place for the Brian Morison Award for Best Promising Student of 2015 and 1st Place for Best 3D Project Presentation in 2016.

Aside from working for MLD Studio, Bess also runs her own architectural firm, Studio 2125 Architekture. Founded in March 2016, the studio is located in the industrial side of West Melbourne – River Studios by Creative Spaces. The main focus of Studio 2125 is creating design processes for multiple built environment projects, schematics, design development, documentation and digital and hand-crafted 3D models.

This young, multi-talented artist is very passionate about her work and she devotes her time on three main disciplines: Architecture, Music Production and Photography.

George Dobluis
Creative Director at MARCA PH

George Dobluis is the creative director for Marca Branding Studio based in Cebu City. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos with a major in Advertising Arts.

Beginning his career in a reputable Cebu advertising agency as a senior graphic designer, he moved on to focus on freelance projects for individual local and international clients to pursue bigger goals. He soon established a graphic design studio with his wife, which in turn grew into a branding and design studio four years later.

Beyond growing in creativity and tenacity in his field of work, George values sustainability and “green lifestyles.” He is currently dipping his toes in eco-friendly product development for an exciting new venture into retail. He also devotes time to practice his photography skills.

Isabella Dobluis
RN, Writer-Editor at MARCA PH

Isabella Dobluis is Marca Branding Studio’s chief writer-editor. Hailing from a family of medical practitioners, she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Velez College and worked at private clinics before venturing into the creative world to follow her love of the arts.

She began working for a local broadcast company as a radio talent where she was exposed to copywriting and scriptwriting for ads, marketing material, and news broadcasts. She later undertook project-based and full time writing positions with local and overseas clients while establishing location independence and more creative experience.

Isabella now works with her husband in their very own Cebu-based branding and design studio. She also collaborates with like-minded individuals and organizations that share her mother and child wellness, animal welfare, and environmental preservation advocacies.

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