Intervention Center for Children with Special Needs


As children are the future stewards of the Earth, it is important as adults to instill in them a heart that cares for the environment. At a modern age where most of the time spent by children are indoors, it should be noted that being exposed to the natural environment has plenty of benefits for a child’s holistic development. 

This school takes the kids’ interest to learn and love Mother Nature through various architectural elements such as rainwater catchment with the use of a butterfly canopy, roof top play area and vegetable garden. Play is encouraged without compromising security and functionality.  Education, in this manner and as intended by the designers, continues on to children’s physical environment. Human values such as compassion and learning to be sustainable are developed at a young age. 

Appointment: 2020

Area: ~250 sqm

Location: Lapu-lapu City

Status: Design Schematic Phase

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