Ripple Effect: Empowering the Future towards Sustainability

“THE NATURAL WORLD IS THE REFUGE OF THE SPIRIT, REMOTE, STATIC, RICHER EVER THAN HUMAN IMAGINATION.”  We all need Mother Nature, it has provided everything that every living organism needs in order to survive and flourish. Since the industrial revolution, human civilization has scarred the earth for over two centuries. We have altered the geological process on the surface of the earth through our excessive use of energy and mismanagement of natural resources.

Only a handful are aware of how our day-to-day activities influence the climate, hence, we should share this knowledge and come together in promoting a sustainable tomorrow. A future where our children and children’s children be able to enjoy the bountiful life of the natural world.

Appointment: 2019

Location: Philippines

Industry: Non-Profit Organization: Branding and Sustainability

Brand Materials

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