The Urban Green Village

A Sustainable Village.

We align our ambitions and aspirations with the energy of the universe and our decisions are driven by our respect for nature. Architecture has the power to captivate and respond to the needs of individuals, the society and the environment. We create spaces where everything is phenomenally interconnected.

We choose to pursue on the LIVING SYSTEM from private to public spaces and rethink how our built environment helps us look after our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Being healthy is part of being happy. Being happy boosts our immune system and help us fight against whatever pathological, situational or environmental crisis.

There are nine essential criteria, we refer to as cornerstones, in making our URBAN GREEN VILLAGE a sustainable community.

1 INSPIRATIONAL: As a religious country, to have a place of worship is desirable. Every cor- ner draws out an opportunity to provide important socializing experiences that motivate peo- ple to prosper and be successful , especially relevant for socially disadvantaged members of the community.

2 ENVIRONMENTAL: This program is about being self-sufficient in food production, through employing greenhouse vertical farming and food forest, energy harvesting, water & waste preservation and recycling, life cycle assessments of products, processes and services.

3 EQUALITY AND EQUITY: There is no formula for solving social, economic and environmen- tal problems, but there are right set of questions to ask to get to the root of a problem. We are all different. The seven principles of universal accessibility in design was applied.

4 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL: Using the eight principles of creating a healthy community, we have provided convivial spaces that pull the community together and harness their human potential.

5 GOVERNANCE: Great leaders look after the welfare of the people by supporting and strengthening green economy. Effective leaders recognize the connection between the planet and humanity. These leaders are mindful of their actions as well as choices and prioritize posi- tive environmental and social change.

6 HOUSING AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT: A secure place to live for human dignity, physical and emotional health, and overall quality of life are some of the reasons why housing is a hu- man right.

7 TRANSPORTATION AND CONNECTIVITY: Using the eight techniques of a walkable city we’ve provided facilities that encourage safe local walking and cycling within and between communities.

8 ECONOMY: The villagers have the opportunity to generate income and are empowered to open up small businesses and spend their wages locally to help improve the community.

9 SERVICES: High-quality regenerative system have been used in designing both public and private services.

Other points of consideration include the planetary scale of reshaping a better world, co-exis- tence with the natural, wild rhythms of life, and life-centered solutions that are proven to ben- efit a healthy body, soul and mind. These powerful forces are validations that love is the ulti- mate energy and meaning in life.

After all, when we attain genuine happiness, it flows naturally to serve humanity and protect our only home. A unique purpose we can share and give to others.

Appointment: 2020

Location: International Ideas Competition

Application: What can architecture do for our HEALTH?

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