TAPOK the philippine pavilion

TAPOK (to gather). The Tapok Pavilion is an epitome of a 21st century Philippines driven by rapid urbanization and sustainable development while still being strongly tied to the strings of history which binds the archipelago as one nation.
A dynamic tropical country blessed with natural resources, this project represents the vibrant personality of the Filipinos with an aspiration of bringing people together. The best way to experience it is during a festival. The grandest festival is the Sinulog, it is an annual cultural and religious celebration held in Cebu City.
Located along the Cebu Coastal Road facing the sea. The building itself is designed to exhibit a number of ecological features. The journey starts at the large cantilever at the main entry where the colourful luminaries greet them, which represents the small flags used during festivals and ends at the underground museum where everything is perceptible.
The purpose of the project is to create a sense of unity from all sorts of culture around the globe and savour the present moment what a Filipino festival has to offer. The Philippine pavilion is successful because it teaches the explorers that when we gather together hence TAPOK, as one, life is festive!

Competition: 2018

Area: 4,414 sqm

Height: 12.975 m

Location: Cebu City

Status: Finalist

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