Urban Green Residences II

Function follows nature. UGRII acknowledges the imperative role that the environment plays and understands the relationship with the users and nature. The dominant use of concrete in the facade maximizes the scale of the building without being too intimidating. The play of light softens the appearance with the help of vertical lines, light-steel cable displays and peaceful pocket gardens. Most of the window openings are strategically placed on the side for the dual purpose of natural ventilation and tranquil views of the mountains.

The interior walls feature an early color palette that blends perfectly with the complementary theme to add a vibrant mood per room. The ergonomic and innovative design components of the interiors also allows shared spaces, which gives residents a sense of community. Lastly, the roof deck and several communal areas highlights nature with abundant green areas.

Appointment: 2015

Area: 1478 sqm

Height: 15 m

Location: Cebu City

Status: Design Development Phase


Plans. (typical plans).Provided with a squarish lot, the building is angled directly to the north-eastern side projecting to where the wind is prevalent which consequently dictates the form of the building. The single-loaded layout of the spaces determinately conforms to the form of the building having the private and common areas in the second floor torn in between by the partially sky-lighted hallways connecting towards the stairs and the light-steel cabled balcony beside a pocket garden. The succeeding floors with the same layout on the other hand are solely for private spaces having much larger areas through the cantilevered floor beams that extends the bedrooms located on the northeastern side which accentuates the dynamic form of the building

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