T.Y.P.I. Multifunction Cafeteria


Architecture in this project was applied to achieve responsiveness to the changing needs of the company in terms of their activities. It shows that architecture has the ability to cope and be multi-functional, rather than still and stagnant. 

This project was also designed to lessen the stress of the company’s employees during their break with the use of cool tones and warm materials like wood. It is an organized space not only in terms of arrangement but in user flow most especially. The core principles of Lean Thinking and Business Process Optimization were used as guides in analyzing, organizing and execution of design.  Flexibility and the space’s ability to adapt to change was also being considered – from being a place of rest during break time to being a discussion room where great ideas are exchanged. 

Appointment: 2017

Area: 2108 sqm

Employees: 4000

Location: Lapu-lapu City

Status: Design Development

Furniture Design

Furniture Design.

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