UN 26


This condominium is located at the heart of Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City. Despite of the buzz of the urban jungle where it sits at, the interior of the unit is a relaxing safe haven for the owner –. Bringing in the feel of nature and evoking a sense of peace was a challenge. Design was treated not only in a physical sense but was weaved through the user experience of the client. 

Since you can witness the rise of the sun, translucent materials were used for one to be able to enjoy and be naturally awakened by the morning sun. Using concrete would make the space not only tight but would take away this sense of openness. At night, the same element allows one to enjoy the city view – a display of lights, reminding the viewer of the different walks of life we co-exist with.  

Below the staircase, the space acts as a home office. Shelves were put up for organization, especially as the owner loves to spend her time reading. A compact kitchen without much clutter was also given of importance. 

Indeed, limitations and boundaries should not hinder one from good design, but rather, challenge one to be creative and look closer at hidden opportunities. 

Appointment: 2011

Area: 63 sqm

Height: 4.5 m

Location: Cebu City

Status: Built


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